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Major Warhead
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Major Warhead is a blend of real time strategy and tower defense game. Your objective is to defend your military outpost in the desert of Al Dusra. Protect your base from hoard of incoming enemies that include soldiers, suicide bombers, rocket launchers, Tanks, Jeeps, All Terrain Vehicles, Armored Personal Carriers loaded with soldiers. Most of your soldiers have been shipped off and you are left to defend your base with one Apache and two artillery. See if you can survive the waves of enemy who specialize in targeting your individual units and buildings. Protect the oil derrick to ensure enemy units don’t hide behind the smoke. Save your helipad so you can spawn more apaches when they are brought down. Watch out for the tanks. Try to win without losing any of your buildings.

If you like "Tower Defense" games then Major Warhead is the perfect war game.You will love Major Warhead if you like playing top down shooter games like Boom Brigade or strategy games like Fieldrunners, Flight Control, and iShoot. If you liked playing geoDefence you will love the fast pace action in this game.
– Blow up your enemies with the apache and fill the war field with blood.
– Artillery shells cause heavy damage to enemies but has a long reload time. Tap on the battlefield or enemy to fire.
– Helipad will spawn Apache when it goes down. You can grab the apache and drag it into the battlefield.
– Apache can be moved around by touching and dragging it on the battlefield. Attack range is indicated by the green region which turns red when it is    engaged in battle. Apache will fire minigun or rockets automatically. All you have to do is make sure the enemy unit is in range.
– Warfunds are earned by destroying enemy units and can be used to repair buildings and artilleries. Resources are limited so use them wisely.
– Protect your military base to avoid defeat. Double tap to start/stop repairs on damaged buildings individually or use the wrench icon next to the pause    to repair all buildings at the same time.
– Enemy units include:
Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.
Future updates will include:
– Ability to share scores via OpenFient and compare yourself with others.
– Ability to see all your achievement and statistic of your score. Details like the number of each types of units destroyed and resources used in each    building.
– Updates with three bosses and double the number of waves for hours of fun.
– Survivor mode. Test your limit on how many waves you can survive.
– WarZombies. Soldiers turning into zombies with increased strength.
– Many more features coming soon.