This is NOT a Drill

Game Information


Rising lava below, falling earth above. How will you survive?

Outrun rising lava by climbing the tower of blocks being built around you. Drill through falling blocks to avoid being crushed, but watch out, each one destroyed is one less between you and death. 


Endless runner with consequences

Most endless runners offer only twitch-based gameplay, but we slowed down the pace to give players the opportunity to think through their actions and make decisions that affect them in the long term.

Dynamically choose to make the game more difficult for bigger rewards

Long-term progression requires a lot of coins, and the easiest way to earn them is to actively work against your objective.

Daily Challenges with new game modes

Every day of the week has a new game mode to play. It's a daily login turned gameplay challenge: mix things up with a twist on established rules!

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This is NOT A DRILL Is now available on both iOS and Android!
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